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The Central Geological Database Analyses Subsystem contains analytical and measuring data generated during various types of geological work. The source of this information are the archival geological reports containing test results of samples from drilling cores or from the other research points.

Data from CBDG Analyses Subsystem is one of the most important source of information about the geological structure of Poland. Thanks to their use, it is possible to better plan new exploration works. Further processing of data by the next research teams, using increasingly modern methods, allows for a more detailed recognition of the geological structure and mineral resources of the country.

Access to the data

An overview of basic information about collected analytical data is available via the web application and is free of charge. To access this information, first find the borehole in the "Boreholes" application and go to the "Analyses" tab.

Access to detailed data is only possible using computers in the reading room National Geological Archives (NAG). Full access to data requires an agreement with the owner of the data, which in large part is the State Treasury. For this purpose, the relevant forms are available on the NAG website.

Detailed information on access policies is available on the website CBDG Rules of use and access.

Screen shows Analyses for selected boreholes in CBDG Boreholes application

Data resources

CBDG Analyses Subsystem has collected significant amounts of data from laboratory measurements of the physical and chemical properties of point-tested rocks, on drilling cores or other research points. Each geological documentation contains a large amount of digital analytical data generated by modern research equipment, so we have recently achieved a very rapid increase in the number of data in CBDG Analyses Subsystem.

Summary of data in CBDG Analyses Subsystem (01.07.2023):

  • 179 382 results of geochemical analysis for 4 360 boreholes;
  • 11 529 results of mineralogical analysis for 1 064 boreholes;
  • 14 717 results of petrographic analysis for 755 boreholes;
  • 592 results of sedimentological analysis for 18 boreholes;
  • 2 295 results of geological-engineering analysis for 329 boreholes;
  • 2 470 910 results of petrophysical analysis for 3 884 boreholes;
  • 2 920 results of stratigraphic analysis for 117 boreholes;
  • 764 results of isotopic dating for 100 boreholes;
  • 79 383 results of deposit parameters for 2 984 boreholes.

Location of samples taken for analyses


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