Baner CBDG

Central Geological Database

Central Geological Database (Polish abbr. CBDG) is the largest collection of digital geological data in Poland. CBDG is a large IT system with a series of closely related subsystems, collecting information from various fields of geology, such as detailed information on boreholes, archival geological reports and various types of geophysical research.

A key resource CBDG is [spatial data] ( A number of specialized applications provide access to spatial data from various fields of geology in many ways.

The domain-specific CBDG applications allow you to quickly and precisely reach various types of data. The constantly developed and expanded free Internet access to the database is the fastest way to access information on the geology of Poland stored in archives for decades. This is one of the reasons why the abbreviation CBDG can also be read in Polish:

CBDG = Coraz Bardziej Dostępna Geologia = More and More Accessible Geology