21st annual conference of the Geoscience Information Consortium

GIC-21, Warsaw, Poland, 23-27th May 2006

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The GIC-21 conference is held at the Polish Geological Institute, Rakowiecka 4, Warsaw, Poland. If not specified otherwise, the sessions take place in the building "C" (the museum building), room 15, ground floor.

Tuesday 23rd May 2006:

The "Rühle Hall", building "A", ground floor, vis-a-vis the main entrance.

18.00-18.15: Registration.

18.15-21.00: Ice-breaking meeting.

Wednesday 24th May 2006:

8.30-9.00: Registration for late guests.

9.00-9.10: Welcome address by the Director of the PGI, Professor Tadeusz Peryt.

9.10-9.20: Opening by the GIC Executive Secretary, Dr. Udo Strauss.

9.20-9.40: Organisational issues (T. Mardal, Poland).

9.40-10.15: Introduction to Poland and Warsaw (T. Mardal, Poland).

10.15-10.30: Coffee break.

Session 1: National reports

Chair: Tomasz Mardal (Poland)

10.30-11.45: Highlights from national reports (all countries).

11.45-12.00: National reports: questions and answers.

12.00-12.45: Lunch (room 16 - next door).

Session 2: National developments

Chair: Bobo Nordahl (Norway)

12.45-13.00: The old and new Swiss Geological Survey (P. Hayoz, Switzerland).

13.00-13.20: Systems to secure geoscience data at the Geological Survey of Namibia (S. Mulunga, Namibia).

13.20-13.40: Regional Geoscience Metadata database at the Geological Survey of Namibia (A.-K. Nguno, Namibia)

13.40-14.00: A new Web-GIS system in the Geological Survey of Japan(S. Takarada, Japan).

14.00-14.15: Coffee break.

14.15-14.30: The MG geodatabase: a kernel of the IKAR project (W. Gogołek, Poland).

14.30-14.50: Open-source software for geological maps distribution via Internet in Lithuanian Geological Survey (A. Murnikova, V. Noreika, Lithuania).

14.50-15.10: The concept and development of the National GeologicalDatabase in the Czech Republic (Robert Tomas, Czech Republic).

15.10-15.30: Information service provided by Geofond for national and international users (D. Čápová, Czech Republic).

15.30-22.15: The Warsaw sightseeing tour - including The Royal Castle (guide: Anna Ekielska-Mardal) and the hosted dinner at 18.30-21.15 (restaurant "Rycerska", Old Town, Szeroki Dunaj 11). Depart from the meeting room.

Thursday 25th May 2006:

Session 3: Web services and portals

Chair: Dana Čápová (Czech Republic)

9.00-9.15: Authentication and notarial act of geological information through the WEB-GIS (R. Kouda, Japan).

9.15-9.25: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for education and public information (J. Jellema, The Netherlands).

9.25-9.40: Experiences with Web Services at Geological Surveys of Germany (B. Wagner, Germany).

9.40-10.00: Sharing Metadata using a Federated Portals (M. Carter, Ireland).

10.00-10.15: Open portals for geodata (J. Jellema, The Netherlands).

10.15-10.30: Coffee break.

Session 4: International projects and initiatives

Chair: Roy Kouda (Japan)

10.30-10.40: The Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience information (IUGS - CGI): an update on activities and progress progress (K. Asch, Germany; I. Jackson, UK).

10.40-10.55: IUGS-CGI: an update on GeoSciML interoperability testbed (F. Robida, France).

10.55-11.15: Geology without National Boundaries. The 1:5 Million International Geological Map of Europe and Adjacent Areas - IGME 5000 (K. Asch, Germany).

11.15-11.25: Global GEO-Map: A proposal for the International Year of Planet Earth 2008 (I. Jackson, UK).

11.25-11.40: The GEOMIND project: an international geophysical information service (T. Mardal, Poland).

11.40-11.50: Comments on the current status and future of the Multilingual Thesaurus of Geosciences (T. Mardal, Poland).

11.50-12.00: INSPIRE: A European Union Directive to create a spatial data infrastructure for Europe. An update on the current situation (I. Jackson, UK).

12.00-12.45: Lunch (room 16 - next door).

Session 5: Strategies and organization of geological surveys

Chair: Gregory Allord (USA)

12.45-13.05: Aims and aspirations for a Quality Data Management Service (I. Ainslie, UK)

13.05-13.25: Strategy for IT and GIS 2006-2010 at NGU (B. Nordahl, Norway).

13.25-13.45: Out-reach - the only way geological surveys can survive! (I. Jackson, UK).

13.45-14.00: Discussion.

14.00-14.15: Coffee break.

Session 6: Group discussions

14.15-15.30: Discussion in groups:

Group I: Strategies of geological surveys (chair: I. Jackson, UK); room 15.

Group II: "Data policies" of geological surveys (chair: P. Hayoz, Switzerland); room 16.

Group III: Web services, GIS, 3D-modeling (chair: B. Wagner, Germany); Czarnocki hall, second floor.

GIC Steering Group meeting: room 124a/1, second floor.

15.30-15.45: Coffee break.

15.45-17.00: Discussion in groups - continued.

Friday 26th May 2006:

Session 7: Plenary discussions

Chair: Jan Jellema (The Netherlands)

9.00-10.15: Web services, GIS, 3D-modeling - results of the group discussion (B. Wagner, Germany). Plenary discussion.

10.15-10.30: Coffee break.

10.30-12.00: "Data policies" of geological surveys - results of the group discussion (P. Hayoz, Switzerland). Plenary discussion.

12.00-12.45: Lunch (room 16 - next door).

12.45-14.00: Strategies of geological surveys - results of the group discussion (I. Jackson, UK). Plenary discussion.

14.00-14.15: Coffee break.

14.15-15.30: INSPIRE and related issues (plenary discussion).

15.30-15.45: Coffee break.

Session 8: Summary

Chair: Udo Strauss (Austria)

15.45-16.15: Results of the Steering Group meeting. Discussion.

16.15-16.45: Election of new members of the Steering Group. Decision on the place of the next annual meeting of GIC. Any other business.

16.45-17.00: Final remarks. Closing.

Saturday 27th May 2006:

8.00-22.00: excursion - departure by bus at 8.00; the bus will wait at the front of the building "C".

  • ancient (Young Stone Age) flint mine in Krzemionki Opatowskie;
  • search for footprints of Triassic reptiles;
  • the Renaissance town Kazimierz Dolny.

The PGI provides the bus transport, free of charge for the meeting participants. They will pay for meals and museum entries.


Country | Attending | Attendees

Australia | Confirmed | Frank Brassil

Austria | Confirmed | Udo Strauss

Canada | Confirmed | John Broome

Croatia | Confirmed | Ajka Šorša

Czech Republic | Confirmed | Dana Čápová, Robert Tomas

Denmark/Greenland | Confirmed | Jorgen Tulstrup


Finland | Confirmed | Jarmo Kohonen

France | Cancelled | François Robida

Germany | Confirmed | Kristine Asch, Bernhard Wagner


Hungary | Confirmed | Gábor Turczi

Ireland | Confirmed | Mary Carter

Japan | Confirmed | Roy Kouda, Shinji Takarada

Lithuania | Confirmed | Anna Murnikova, Vytautas Noreika


Namibia | Confirmed | Anna-Karren Nguno, Samuel Mekondjo Mulunga

The Netherlands | Confirmed | Jan Jellema

Norway | Confirmed | Bobo Nordahl

Poland | Confirmed | Iwona Duliban, Waldemar Gogołek, Magdalena Jakóbczak, Tomasz Mardal, Wojciech Paciura, Leszek Siejda

Russia Slovak Republic

Slovenia | Confirmed | Jasna Sinigoj

South Africa | Confirmed | Manie Brynard

Sweden | Confirmed | Lars Kristian Stölen

Switzerland | Confirmed | Peter Hayoz

United Kingdom | Confirmed | Ian Ainslie, Ian Jackson,

USA | Cancelled | Gregory Allord

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