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The Central Geological Data Base Archival Reports Subsystem is one of the most important PIG-PIB digital data resources. It stores catalog data of archival geological studies from the National Geological Archives (NGA) in Warsaw, its regional branches, as well as from over 100 archives in the country. The CBDG Archival Reports Subsystem is the largest collection of this type of data and contains information on over 870,000 studies from various fields of geology. These data come partly from older databases kept at the Central Geological Archives, at the Geophysics Department and at the PGI – NRI Geological Spatial Information Center, as well as at SEGI – PBG. Part of the data was collected as part of the work on the INFOGEOSKARB system.

Access to the data

Application CBDG Archival reports

Screen of Application CBDG Archival reports From the very beginning of the operation of the CBDG, information about archival documents was made publicly and free of charge available on the Internet using a dedicated application. The currently available version of Application CBDG Archival reports has advanced search functions, which allows you to an easy way to find information about archival geological studies collected in the NGA and other archives in Poland.

Fit to screen size

"Application CBDG Archival reports - full screen" Application CBDG Archival reports is of course adapted for use on mobile devices but also includes functionality useful on very large monitors - a full-screen switch that can be useful when browsing large amounts of data found.

Searching data

"Application CBDG Archival reports - help for search" Application CBDG Archival reports uses various search mechanisms: comparative, full-text and complex. To be able to take full advantage of their capabilities, it is worth reading the explanations contained in the "Application Help". In addition, each search box has a hint dedicated to this specific query.

Data portioning and sorting

 "Application CBDG Archival reports - portioning" By default, the search results are sorted alphabetically by title. The application also allows sorting in ascending or descending order according to the year the documentation was created, or its ID in CBDG.
"Application CBDG Archival reports - sorting"

Report details - link to additional information

"Application CBDG Archival reports - details" Component "details" of Application CBDG Archival reports, depending the specifics of the document, may contain links to more detailed information presented in other Internet applications, e.g. CBDG Boreholes or CBDG Seismic. Conversely, redirections from other domain applications leads to this component.

Zamawianie dokumentacji - eksport listy

"Aplikacja CBDG Dokumenty - zamówienie" Application CBDG Archival reports allows you to add found documents "to the list". Its content can be viewed and individual documents removed if necessary. Information about the finally selected documents can be exported to the xls file with the "Prepare order" button. This list can be helpful when ordering specific items from the archives.