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The Central Geological Database Boreholes Subsystem system contains data obtained from drillings performed in Poland from the late nineteenth century to the present. Information about boreholes and measurements carried out in them are made available in several ways, as: map services, and thematic layers in the GeoLOG Application and the GEOLOGIA Portal, downloadable SHP file and using the CBDG Application.

Access to the data

CBDG Boreholes Application

The online Application CBDG Boreholes has advanced functionalities for data search and retrieval. Among other things, it presents detailed information on stratigraphic and lithological profiles, geophysical surveys and drill cores. The content of the database is in Polish only, therefore you need to use only Polish terms, e.g. for: the lithology description, keywords. Application CBDG Boreholes

Profile Viewer

The Profile Viewer is part of the Application CBDG Boreholes, which allows you to view data from the borehole in a graphic form.
WARNING! Access to some information, such as geophysical surveys, requires permission. Application CBDG Profile Viewer from Boreholes