Ikona Słowniki CBDG The vocabularies of stratigraphic units

Vocabularies of stratigraphic units are of particular strategic importance for CBDG. The web application CBDG Stratygrafia (Polish only) was built to browse them. It allows you to search, view, print and export of selected information about the various items in stratigraphic vocabularies of CBDG. Currently available:

  • Vocabulary of Chronostratigraphic Units,
  • Vocabulary of Climatostratigraphy Units,
  • Vocabulary of Lithostratigraphic Units.

These vocabularies have been prepared by a specialists of stratigraphy mainly from the Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute and the University of Warsaw in accordance with the guidelines of the International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) and the Polish Principles of Stratigraphy. The work was carried out until 2012 and it terminated. The current contents of vocabularies still so require cleaning works and updates. We hope to resume the cooperation with specialists and complete the work.

Using the CBDG Stratygrafia application

Vocabulary of Chronostratigraphic Units

Vocabulary can be viewed in two ways: alphabetically or hierarchically. It is also possible to search for stratigraphic units based on detailed criteria.

Vocabulary of Climatostratigraphy Units

Vocabulary can be viewed in two ways: alphabetically or hierarchically.

Vocabulary of Lithostratigraphic units of Poland

The first, basic version of the Dictionary of Polish lithostratigraphic units (SJLP) was created in the years 2004-2011. The dictionary contained information on over 2,600 formal and informal lithostratigraphic units. A web application was created to browse the dictionary, but it is no longer active.

Vocabulary can be viewed in CBDG Stratygrafia application only as a text files (PDF and DOC) or table annexes as a graphic files (PNG).