CBDG Download Manager

Screen of Application CBDG Download Manager Application CBDG Download Manager makes spatial data from CBDG available for download in SHP (Shapefiles) for free. In fact, users more and more often use spatial data provided as map network services (CBDG GIS), but Shapefiles also have their advantages and supporters, so their download is still very popular. Since 2010, when the CBDG first made Shapefiles available for self-download, 152,000 had been downloaded by 2021, and 27,000 users had registered downloading data during this period.

Application is available at: https://dm.pgi.gov.pl

The CBDG Download Manager application offers data from various fields of geology (in the order of download popularity):

  • Mineral raw materials,
  • Hydrogeology,
  • Boreholes.
  • Geophysics,
  • Engineering geology,
  • Environmental data,
  • The geology of the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

In addition to geological data from PGI-NRI, a map of Polish macroregions, created by the Institute of Environmental Protection-NRI, is often downloaded. It was created on the basis of the physical and geographical division developed by prof. Jerzy Kondracki (1998, 2002).

Some of the downloads are "long-lived" and are several years old, others, such as boreholes or mineral deposits, are updated every morning, which results directly from the dynamics of changes in the source data. The vast majority of files are updated completely automatically.

To download one or more files, the user enters only the e-mail address, where a unique download link will be sent. The link is valid for 24 hours. It is worth remembering this, especially in the case of files that are updated every morning. Therefore, we recommend, as much as possible, using the data provided as map services, because these are always up-to-date (CBDG GIS).

Downloading files is also possible through other applications or websites that mediate, displaying the file ordering form of CBDG Download Manager, because this application is responsible for the process of handling all orders for Shapefiles (SHP).

CBDG Download Manager application is mobile-optimized site.

Information about shared Shapefiles (SHP)